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Rheoscopic Fluid Planets

A gas giant in the palm of your hand

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This mesmerizing bouncing ball is like a scale version of a planet. It is filled with a coloured liquid, that swirls and glitters as soon as the ball moves. At rest, the sparkly fluid settles at the bottom again.

You can choose between a blue and a gold-coloured version. And when you spin it a certain way, it kind of resembles earth's cloudy atmosphere or the eternal storms that engulf the gas giant Jupiter.

More Info

  • Big bouncing ball filled with swirling glittering liquid
  • Unique effect, comparable to the atmosphere of a gas planet
  • At rest the glittery fluid swirls down to the bottom
  • To activate effect, shake the ball or make it bounce
  • Incl rubber ring base for placing the bouncing ball on
  • Material: thermoplastic polyurethane, rubber, water and powder
  • Can be cleaned with water and soap
Dimensions: 9.5cm(L) × 9.5cm(W) × 9.5cm(H)