Samurai Umbrella
Samurai Umbrella
Samurai Umbrella

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Samurai Umbrella

Take on the rain!

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Victim of my own success.

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Product Description

Samurai warriors will not get wet! They avoid the raindrops by using ancient techniques that they learned from an old man, who looks suspiciously a lot like the bearded guy in "Karate Kid". Unfortunately, if it's raining cats and dogs, even the most experienced Shogun master will need a bit of extra help. The Samurai umbrella is the perfect, stylish, tool and looks exactly like a warrior's outfit.

It's the perfect rain defence system for ninjas, noble warriors and anyone who regularly overdoses on poorly dubbed kung-fu films. This nylon umbrella has a real-life samurai sword handle to protect you from the wrath of the
Kuraokami (he's the Japanese rain god, stupid!) without having to look like your grandmother.

Take the cool umbrella out of its sable sheath that hangs from your shoulder on a shoulder strap,press the open-button on the handle, and you'll be ready to take on the elements of nature. In between rain showers you can demonstrate your martial arts to friend and foe. Try doing that with one of those ordinary handles, without being laughed at. Hi-Yaaa

Sayonara, rain!


  • Stay dry with this awesome umbrella
  • It's a really strong umbrella, with a handle like a samurai sword or sabre
  • Opens with a button
  • Comes with adjustable shoulder strap and nylon cover
  • Broadsword handle is made of plastic with a metal finishing and artificial leather grip
  • Sword: 96 cm (l) x 104 cm (w open)
  • Sable: 85 cm (l) x 104 cm (w open)
  • Broadsword: 100 cm (l) x 104 cm (w open)