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Selfie Stick Wired

The long arm of the self-portrait

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Now that everyone has accepted selfies as a mass phenomenon, it's no wonder that people are continuously trying to further refine the process. Making a self-portrait with your smartphone or digital camera, who hasn't done that. Unfortunately, you’re limited to the length of your own arm.

This latest trend has led to a new - extendable - solution. After all, by attaching your smartphone to the selfie stick you’ll be able to make even better pictures. This version doesn’t require any batteries, nor does your phone have to be equipped with Bluetooth. You simply connect the AUX cable, press the selfie button and your picture is ready to be shared.

More Info

  • Can be extended to up to one meter, retracted it's 23cm
  • Built-in selfie button
  • Connects via AUX cable, so no batteries or Bluetooth required!
  • Suitable for Apple (iOS 4.0) and Android (3.0) smartphones, HTC excluded
  • Has a rubber handle for a better grip
  • Max. weight camera: 450 grams
  • Max. dimensions smartphone: 63 mm x 85 mm