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Spaghetti Tower

A pasta dinner for one, two, three or four tonight?

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Attention spaghetti lovers! You don't need the eyes of a Michelin-star chef to know how much pasta to cook!

With the Spaghetti Tower you will never boil too much or too little pasta. This Italian delicacy offers a multitude of culinary possibilities. Do you like your pasta alla scampi or alla carne, or just as a garnish? Or do you use it for dessert? Whatever you use it for, it is virtually impossible to estimate exactly how much pasta you need for the number of dinner guests you have. Nobody wants to leave the table hungry, but throwing away excess pasta is such a waste.

The Ototo Spaghetti Tower is the best way to save pasta. It doesn't just preserve pasta longer, it also helps you to determine the perfect amount of pasta. For this incredible feat the Spaghetti Tower uses a lid shaped like a tower, which has four openings of different sizes. Every opening corresponds to the portion size for a certain number of people. Now you never have to make wild guesses about how much pasta you need for one, two, three or four people.

Life can be as simple as selecting the right opening of the Spaghetti Tower!

More Info

  • Winner of the 2012 Form Design Award
  • Always cook the perfect amount of pasta
  • Ranges from 1 to 4 (large) portions
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colour: transparent tube with a grey lid, crowned with a red rooster
  • Brand: Ototo