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Sushi Bazooka

Japanese delicacies at home

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The only explosion emanating from this weapon will be a taste explosion. Become a master of the maki roll with the Sushi Bazooka.

It works like this: open the tube's two halves and fill them with sushi rice. Add vegetables or fish to the middle and shut the tube tight. Now you can simply and carefully squeeze out the long sushi roll, roll it in nori leaves and presto! You just made Oriental fast food!

The Sushi Bazooka is dishwasher proof and will become an indispensible gadget in your kitchen.

More Info

  • DIY sushi maker! Fill the tube with rice and ingredients, fold it shut and squeeze out your perfect sushi!
  • Consists of three plastic components.
  • Your Sushezi is fully dishwasher proof.

Please remember to use exactly half a cup (125 gr) of the rice mixture when filling the two halves. If you use too much rice, the mixture will overflow the tube; using too little will result in very loose sushi rolls. Don't add too much of the ingredients to the Sushezi's middle.