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Super Hot Chili Gift Set

And it burns, burns, burns

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This gift set is only suitable for real-life dare devils. Beautifully presented in a large match box, this set brings you 3 of the spiciest peppers on the planet: the Carolina Reaper (the hottest of the hottest, with an SHU value of 2.2 million), the Scorpion Moruga (2.2 million SHU) and the Ghost (1.1 million SHU). To give you an idea: a standard American pepper spray can already have a SHU value of 2 million.

The 3 varieties are delivered in different forms: the dried chili peppers themselves, chili powder in glass bottles, and small hand-made chili chocolate bars. To not overburden the fire department too much, the match box also includes milk powder (to relieve the tongue) and a wet wipe (to extinguish the burn on other body parts).

More Info

  • Gift set with super hot chili peppers
  • Extremely hot, which makes the match box a fitting packaging
  • Not suitable for children or softies!
  • 1 x bottle Carolina Reaper
  • 1 x bottle Moruga Scorpion chili powder
  • 1 x bottle Naga Naga Jolokia chili powder
  • 3 x chili chocolate (one each of the Carolina Reaper, Moruga and Ghost)
  • 3 x dried pods (one each of the Carolina Reaper, Moruga and Ghost)
  • 1 x fire extinguisher (dried milk powder)
  • 1 x fire blanket (wet wipe)
  • Chili fact cards, Super Hot Vintage Collector's card
Dimensions: 12cm(L) × 6.5cm(W) × 2.5cm(H)