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Bath Caddy - Bath Tray

Your best friend when it comes to taking a relaxing bath!

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The Bath Caddy: for a wonderful bath with everything you could possibly want

There is nothing that feels as good as a nice, warm bath following a stressful day. Ok, maybe not nothing. Throw in a good book, some candles and a delicious glass of champagne for a wonderful evening. Oh no, you dropped your book in the bath. And, there's not enough room to put candles and your glass on the edge of the bath!

The Bath Caddy is your personal bath butler! It will carry items the items you will need in the bath discretely and without complaining. It can hold a delicious meal, a good bottle of wine etc. And it will keep your book nice and dry thanks to the integrated book holder! You can make your session as relaxing as you want.

Plus, the Caddy will work with any bath as you can adjust the handles. Got company? Not a problem! The Caddy boasts two wine glass holders and candle slots. Perfect for a romantic rendezvous. And, no boys, taking a bath together is NOT the perfect first date.

The bath caddy is an ideal gift for romantic people and stressed loved ones!

More Info

  • 2x Wineglass holders
  • Candle slot
  • Book stand
  • Extends to 35 inches (90 cm)
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Can be wiped down by hand