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Blow Monkey Nail Dryer

Drying your nails? That's Monkey Business!

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Drying your nails... what a nightmare! The scenario is familiar: You're about to hit the town with some friends and have just painted your nails beautifully (in your favourite colour, of course). You spent half an hour blowing like crazy to get them to dry on time. Your face will be red, you'll be out of breath, and now you're going to be late for the zillionth time. You quickly grab your purse from the bed and...no! Your nails leave a bright line of nail polish on the gorgeous leather and the nails themselves are dented. Now you've lost two birds with one stone!

Thanks to the Blow Monkey Nail Dryer, this horror will be a thing of the past. The Blow Monkey Nail Dryer dries your nails quickly and powerfully, guaranteeing you will be ready for the perfect night out in a heartbeat. When you press the banana button, this cute monkey and his cool breath will give you the beautifully painted nails you always dreamed about.

Thanks to its convenient size this monkey is the perfect travel companion! Luxury trips to the Azores or mountaineering in the Himalayas? The Blow Monkey Nail Dryer and your perfectly painted nails will now be able to follow you anywhere. For those students who are bored easily: it can also perfectly be used in the cafeteria!

Blow Monkey Nail Dryer: Blow every woman some NailHappiness!

More Info

  • Quickly and powerfully dries your freshly painted nails
  • The monkey blows when you press the banana button
  • A great gift for women or transvestites of all ages
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Compact: ideal for travelling
Dimensions: 8cm(L) × 7cm(W) × 9cm(H)