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Cooling Towel

Always keep a cool head

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We all need some extra cooling on those hot summer days or when we're exercising. The head, neck, and shoulders are particularly susceptible to overheating. This cooling towel was specifically designed for long-lasting cooling effect and optimal comfort.

Just soak the towel, wring the excess water, and snap it with a few good wrist movements. The hollow fibres absorb the water and will be doubly cooled because the lightweight fabric lets air flow through freely. Wear the towel around your neck or fashion it into a trendy bandana. You won't just feel refreshed, you'll also look very cool with this sunny accessory!

More Info

  • Cooling towel (patented technology)
  • Perfect for use during sports or in warm weather conditions
  • Soak, wring, snap a few times, and you're done!
  • Long-lasting cooling effect (lowers body temperature up to 30%)
  • Does not harden but maintains suppleness when drying
  • Perfect for cooling head and neck
  • UV protection (UPF 50)
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Machine washable
Dimensions: 100cm(L) × 30cm(W)