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  • Meffert's Gear Ball
  • Meffert's Gear Ball

Meffert's Gear Ball

The round Rubik’s cube

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Product Description

For this game you need turn a lot of cogs: in the first place in your head, then in this colourful puzzle ball. It’s basically the same as the Rubik’s cube. You need to keep on puzzling until you only all the faces are a uniform colour. Thanks to this ingenious design the cogwheels will always rotate smoothly and quickly.

Occupational therapy for nimbly puzzlers. This mind game gadget is fun for young and old and stimulates focus, fine motor skills and logic


  • A spherical 3D puzzle with cogwheels that rotate on their axis.
  • Cogwheels rotate smoothly
  • Vivid design in the colours: purple, green, yellow, orange and blue
  • Stimulates: focus, fine motor skills, logic
  • Degree of complexity: 5/5
  • Invented by Uwe Meffert

Dimensions: 8.5cm (L) × 8.5cm (W) × 8.5cm (H)