Microwave Boiley

The ultimate cooking assistant for bachelors!

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Victim of my own success.

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Product Description

Cooking eggs is an art, that you will master in no time thanks to the Microwave boiler

Learning how to cook the perfect egg takes a lot of time and patience. Thanks to the Microwave Boiley this will be easy peasy! You no longer will have to put your busy life put 'on hold' to prepare lunch or dinner. With the Microwave Boiley you can cook your eggs soft, medium or hard in 3-5 minutes using only your microwave.

But how does this handy gadget work? Pour a bit of water (at room temperature) on the bottom, place your egg in it and pierce a hole in the egg. Put the lid on and then put the entire thing in the microwave. For a soft boiled egg you need to put it in the microwave for about 3.5 minutes, for a hard boiled egg you put it in for about 5 minutes and set it at 500 Watt.


  • Ultra handy egg timer for in the microwave
  • Boils one egg at a time.
  • Steamed eggs are nutritious and healthy
  • You will have a hard boiled egg within 3-5 minutes
  • Galvanised steels, so that you can use it safely in the microwave
  • Do not put it in the dishwasher, hand wash only!

Dimensions: 7cm (L) × 7cm (W) × 11.5cm (H)