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Sheldon Folding Board

Fold it like Sheldon!

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Effortlessly fold your laundry in 3 simple steps!

Clothes... Well, of course we're glad that we don't have to walk around in our bare ass all day, but have you ever really thought about how much work our outfits take every day? Separating your colours from your whites, washing, drying, ironing and... folding. But what if technology could cut down this last step to a fraction of the time it normally takes? That's exactly what the hyper-intelligent Sheldon from the American hit show "The Big Bang Theory" pondered about as well. This train of thought led him to the invention of a brilliant new product: the Sheldon Folding Board.

With the Sheldon Folding Board, folding your laundry becomes easy as pie! Put the article of clothing face-down on the board. Fold the bottom of the clothing to the edge of the board. Then flip the board's wings in, and finally flip the bottom part of the board in. Done!

It's easy, orderly and a lot tidier than folding your laundry by hand. You will never have lopsided stacks of folded shirts again, you'll need a fraction of the time it normally takes you to fold everything, and your wardrobe will look better than ever.

If Sheldon can do it, so can you!

More Info

  • As seen on "The Big Bang Theory"
  • Folds all your clothes in 3 easy steps
  • Makes folding fast and efficient
  • Suitable for sweaters, trousers, dress shirts and T-shirts
  • Your clothes will have virtually no creases
  • Colour: blue
Dimensions different versions:
  • Adult: 59cm(L) × 22.5cm(W) × 1.5cm(H)
  • Child: 40cm(L) × 15.5cm(W) × 1.5cm(H)