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Stress Ball Breasts

Nipple, nipple on the wall; who's the best stress ball of them all?

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Grab those breasts and say goodbye to stress!

Tired hands? Sore wrists? Stressed?

As a real tits man, any time spent without one in your hands results in stress. Lots of stress. A second without a breast is like a second you haven't lived.
The Breast Stress Ball is the ideal way to ensure you always have a pair at your disposal. Squeeze them, shake them, caress them and just feel the tension melt away.

Put an end to comments like: "But they're not your breasts", or that "Granny doesn't like all that fussing", or that "You can quit being so rough". The breasts come in two sizes: apple sized and ones the size of a boat! There's something for everyone.
The breasts are comfortable to hold thanks to the shape and material (flexible rubber).

The ideal gadget for stressed breast lovers!

More Info

  • Come in pairs
  • Please note: cannot replace real breasts!
  • Diameter small breasts: 7cm
  • Diameter large breasts: 11cm
  • Material: flexible rubber