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Magnetic Beer Tree

The one tree that doesn't want water!

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This little tree liveliness will keep pace with your parties. Its trunk is a powerful magnet that can hold up to 60 beer caps. This makes it the perfect natural companion for any student lodgings. And doesn't the old saying go: "Better 60 caps in an artistic tree top than one underneath your bare foot while trying to find the light switch"?

But why stop at beer caps? Magnets are the least discriminatory things on the planet: they love anything that's metal! So you could even turn it into a soda tree if you want

More Info

  • Beer tree with built-in magnet
  • Enough strength for 60 beer caps
  • Fun gift for students
  • Hand-made from wood and felt
  • Weight: approx. 90 gr.
Dimensions: 8cm(L) × 8cm(W) × 12cm(H)