The Bottle Lock

Your favourite drink, behind lock and key!

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Product Description

Nobody will be able to steal your booze unnoticed thanks to the Bottle Lock!

Does your drinks supply visibly shrink for no clear reason? In that case, we think you are dealing with a booze thief. But why would you stand guard with a baseball bat to catch your booze thief red-handed if you can easily safeguard your supply with this handy Bottle Locks?

Just put the Bottle Lock on the neck of your favourite bottles, tightly screw the Bottle Lock on and change the 4-digit code to a code of your choice. Now you can leave your booze supply behind without having to worry about it. Because without the right code, there's not going to be any drinking!

Protect your drinks supply with the infamous Bottle Lock!


  • 1x Bottle Lock
  • Stainless steel lock for almost any bottle (wine, liquor...)
  • Fits bottlenecks with a diameter ranging from 1.1 cm to 2.54 cm
  • 4-digit combination (set by you)
  • Weight: +/- 300 grams