Thermos Flask Camera Lens

There is no opportunist like the Thermo Tourist!

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Victim of my own success.

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Product Description

Yeah, yeah, you hipsters have known this for a while: photography is totally hot! Just as hot as your cup of coffee and the related coffee bars with their baristas that are shooting up all over the place like mushrooms! So, what would be the ultimate gadget for a hipster? A professional camera lens to drink your favourite coffee from!

So now all you hipsters can stop looking! We are ahead of even your wildest dreams. We would like to present the wow-what-an-unforgettable-impression-this-makes Thermos Flask Camera Lens! Better yet, you can hardly tell the difference from a real Nikon Camera Lens. A true hipster wouldn't want to be caught dead with junk, would they?

The Thermos Flask holds half a litre of coffee. Enough caffeine to make you jump around the office for at least two hours. You don't want to mess coffee all over your expensive outfit, do you?
Don't worry! The top part of the lens is a handy coffee cup!

Be sharp and drink your coffee in style, any time of the day!


  • Original thermos flask, disguised as a camera lens
  • Keeps drinks hot or cold
  • Thermos flask including coffee mug
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great gift for photographers
  • Contents: 0.5 Ltr