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USB Plasma Ball

Tame the lightning!

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A plasma ball - also known as a Tesla Ball, named for the remarkable scientist - does more than just look awesome. It is also a great tool for education, because it's no coincidence that it looks like you captured lightening in a crystal ball: that's exactly what it is!

Did you know that...
...plasma is created when negatively-charged electrons in a noble gas are pushed out of their trajectory? During a thunderstorm, this happens due to friction between ice and water particles. In the plasma ball, the same effect is created by running a current through the gas in the ball. The freed electrons then create a "pathway" that allows the current to pass through the plasma. This is what we call a lightning bolt, but in its controlled form, it looks like dancing arms of light in your own plasma universe. The light is a side-effect of the heated plasma and the same principle is used in neon lights and plasma-screen TVs.

Keep it fun, keep it safe
The human body is an excellent conductor for electricity. You could test this by climbing a mounting during a heavy thunderstorm, but if you're looking for a safer method, the plasma ball is the gadget for you. If you touch the ball, you'll notice that the electricity inside suddenly finds a more favourable "pathway" and immediately moves toward your fingers.

More Info

  • Plasma ball (or Tesla ball)
  • Powered using USB cable (included)
  • On/Off switch
  • A fun and original decorative piece
  • Useful education tool for teachers
  • Materials globe: glass
Dimensions: 10.15cm(L) × 10.15cm(W) × 14cm(H)