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Bathroom Mirror Clearer

Reveal the vamp behind the bathroom damp!

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End the nightmare of foggy bathroom mirrors! There's nothing worse than getting out of the shower in the morning and having to face a mirror you can't see yourself in! Don't lose any more time defogging the mirror with a hair dryer! Stop smudging your mirror with a towel! From now on, you can spend your valuable time on a few more minutes of sleep.

The Mirror Cleaner will save your morning (mood). You can easily stick it to the mirror using the attached suction cup. Move it back and forth like a real windscreen wiper, getting rid of all the steam in a clean and quick fashion. Better yet, the pendulum movement will function as a short and effective morning exercise!

Spare your fellow commuters and your colleagues the illusion they're sitting next to a circus clown! Isn't it great to be sure that your lipstick is actually on your lips, and your eye shadow on your eyelids?

More Info

  • Material: plastic and silicones
  • White version is 10cm longer, and has a slightly different design, see pictures
Dimensions: 5.5cm(L) × 4.5cm(W) × 36cm(H)