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Battle Pong

Boys vs girls party fun

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Get ready for the ultimate drinking game, that will pit men against women in all out gender/liquor warfare. Roll on the floor laughing as the girls try to throw their balls in the beer cups across the table. And of course the boys will try to do the same with the girls' prosecco glasses.

The object of the game is the same as with regular beer pong. Every time the opponent lands a ball in one of your cups, you have to drink. Only in this version the victors will crown themselves the superior sex, at least until the next game!

More Info

  • Beer/prosecco pong drinking game
  • The ultimate boys vs girls party game
  • Aim in the glasses/cups and let your opponent drink
  • Play in teams, or one on one
  • Not suited for minors
Package contains
  • 6 large beer cups
  • 6 prosecco glasses
  • 3 orange and 3 pink ping pong balls
  • Instruction booklet
Dimensions: 18cm(L) × 16cm(W) × 6cm(H)