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Bed of Roses - Rose Petals

The perfect attribute for a night full of romance!

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Surprise your partner with a romantic evening

Distribute the rose petals on your bed or drop them in a lovely, warm bath. Or, if you have an adventurous partner, leave a trail of rose petals from one room to another. This will allow your partner to discover your plans themselves!

Water and the sun make roses grow and romance is food for your relationship. Your partner will more than appreciate your gesture and might even reward you for your efforts.

Worried that the "Bed of Roses rose petals" won't be the same as real rose petals? These rose petals have been sprayed with an amazing perfume which means they smell EVEN better than the real thing. Furthermore, these petals won't wilt after a couple of hours. They will retain their colour forever. Just like your relationship!

Long live romance

More Info

  • Ideal for a romantic evening
  • 100 synthetic rose petals
  • Available colours: red and white
Dimensions: 19cm(L) × 19cm(W) × 3cm(H)