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Beer Belt

For extra beer related fun below the belt!

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Product Description

Always get thirsty at inconvenient times?

We know you're going to get really, really thirsty when you're working or playing hard. But how are you going to hold your can at the same time as holding your tool or fellow partygoer?

We've got the answer. This product has been developed for any AA-members: the Beer Belt Fanny Pack! All you need to do is put the belt on and you can spend the whole day doing whatever you plan on doing without getting thirsty. 4 beers, that has got to be a good start to the day.

And, this belt is more than just a portable bar. You can also use it as a fanny pack. This means you can also store nails and other small tools in it. Or, you could store you money in it. The only problem with the Beer Belt Fanny Pack is that it cannot magically refill itself...

The perfect gift for thirsty friends and loved ones! It's also great for visiting festivals and other events where you have to wait ages to get to the bar.


  • Large, adjustable nylon belt (approximately 110 cm) with click-lock
  • 4 containers. Suitable for bottles and cans
  • Also a fanny pack!