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Black Bar Sunglasses

(Un)censured partying!

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The Black Bar Sunglasses: a mean night out, without being recognised

Go crazy with the Black Bar Sunglasses. Thanks to this brilliant invention you can make your wildest dreams come true, without being recognised. The black beam on the frame will hide the most recognisable part of your face: the area from your eyebrows to the bottom of your nose.

So, for example drive really fast past a speeding camera and order a copy of the photo afterwards! Guaranteed fun! Or raise hell in a discotheque with your drunk escapades! Even if there are ten photographers around and tonnes of pictures with evidence, nobody will know who you are. With these glasses you can remain anonymous and walk in the spotlights.

The glasses are dark on the outside, but absolutely transparent for those wearing them. So nobody can see you, but you can see everybody. The Black Bar Sunglasses aren't real sunglasses. They protect your identity, not your eyes.

For those who don't have the money for these glasses, you can always draw some lines on your photos with a black marker and brag about having a pair of Black Bar Sunglasses. A bit awkward if some photos turn up on Facebook of course!

More Info

  • One size
  • Transparent
  • Does not protect against UV, cannot be used as sunglasses
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 300 grams
Dimensions: 18cm(L) × 5cm(H)