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Camera Lens Mug

Start life in pictures!

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Start life in Pictures!

As an (amateur) photographer, do you too feel so lonely when you don't have your camera with you? With the Camera Lens Mug you can spend your free time with a camera lens in your hand. This handy and original coffee mug keeps your coffee warm, so that you can enjoy a flashing, caffeine-filled start of your workday.

Because we feel so strongly about quality, the lens has been inspired by the one and only EF Canon lens. On the inside, the mug is lined with stainless steel to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for as long as possible.

Because not every photographer has the same need for caffeine, the lens is available in two sizes: 24-105 mm lens, and a 70-200 mm lens.

The perfect gift for (amateur) photographers and coffee consuming hipsters

More Info

  • Lined with Stainless steel, to keep your drinks warm
  • Looks like a hollowed out EF24-105mm/EF70-200mm lens
  • Has the details of a lens, like buttons, size etc.
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable as travel mug
  • EF24-105mm lens: 10 x 17 cm (w x h), 300 ml
  • EF70-200mm lens: 7 x 20 cm (w x h), 300 ml
  • Handle: 7.1 x 10.8 cm (w x h), 200 ml