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Da Vinci Catapult

Small-scale warfare

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Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius who was light-years ahead of his time. In the 15th century, he was already designing helicopters, submarines, and tanks. And the truly brilliant part of it all was: all his designs worked in real life - they were more than just wild fantasies.

Nowadays, people know him mostly because of his paintings (such as the Mona Lisa), but in his own era, he was probably appreciated most because of his siege engines. Besides a primitive ancestor of the modern machine gun, he also improved the existing catapult. You can follow the master's instructions with this construction set.

The Da Vinci Catapult is easy to assemble and comes with small clay balls. You may not be able to bring down a city's walls with this exact scale model, but your colleague's coffee mug or your sister's house of cards won't be safe!

More Info

  • Scale model of a Leonardo Da Vinci design
  • Functioning catapult
  • Easy to assemble from 80 components (approx. 1 hour)
  • Material: Wood
  • Includes soft clay balls to catapult
  • Requires: glue, scissors, and a small ruler
Dimensions: 41cm(L) × 25cm(W) × 16cm(H)