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Happy Cube XL

The funniest and most challenging 3D puzzle!

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The ultimate puzzle for puzzle freaks

The Happy Cube Puzzles are as simple as they are brilliant. No piece of the puzzle is the same, but there is only one right solution for each construction that you can create with the Happy Cub XL set. The first challenge with this puzzle is to make 6 cubes in the six different Happy Cube Colours. Once you've completed the challenge successfully, you will be challenged to put even bigger 3D constructions!

The Happy Cube XL contains one quality book, including 101, large pictures of the various puzzle assignments. The assignments in the book are bundled in line with the 3 different levels. In the Explorer level you must make 2D and 3D puzzles in one colour. The following level is the Builder Level. Now you must make simple 3D constructions in various colours. The last and most difficult level is the Architect level. Here you are challenged to put extremely difficult 3D constructions in various colours together.

In the strong, reusable, cardboard box you can put away the pieces of the puzzle after use. Handy, if there are more than 1 puzzle freak in your house! But also very handy for schools and day care centres!

Dirk Laureyssens invented the Happy Cube Puzzle in 1986. With various fanciful pieces he put a perfect cube together. This is where his revolutionary idea was born, i.e. that it would be interesting to try this with larger constructions. Since its introduction 20 years ago, the Happy Cube has been one of the most popular puzzles in the world!

Do not underestimate the level of the Happy Cubes Puzzles! The cubes might look easy, but do you want to bet that you will start biting your nails in frustration after only 10 minutes?

Enjoy puzzling!

More Info

  • Set of 6 cubes in varying degrees of difficulty
  • Includes book with 101 challenges
  • Cube sizes 5 x 5 x 5 cm
  • Made of foam