Hornit dB120 Bike Horn With Light

Be seen and heard in traffic

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Product Description

As a cyclist, you want to be seen and heard as brightly and loudly as possible. With the Hornit Bike Horn you are safe on both counts. It is very easy to operate with a simple button installed on your handle bars. And with the streamlined design, it looks great as well.

The integrated LED-light has 6 levels of brightness, from eco to full brightness. The lower this setting, the longer it will be before you have to recharge. But even on the highest brightness it will provide light for about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The bike horn has 5 settings, a loud "chirp" of 120 dB being the maximum. That is about the same audio level as a rock concert. So other road users will be sure to hear you approach. But the other options (starting at 95 dB) certainly pack an audible punch as well.


  • Loud bicycle horn to alert other road users to your presence
  • Integrated LED-light has 6 brightness levels (30 to 250 Lumen)
  • Not a toy! May cause hearing damage if used incorrectly!
  • Five volume settings: 120 dB (loud "chirp"), 114 dB (whistle), 112 dB (high-pitched beep), 101 dB (car horn) en 95 dB (beep)
  • Remote control to be fitted on handle bars
  • Press and hold button (4 seconds) to select other sound
  • Easy to mount using the wing clips
  • Can be charged via USB

Dimensions: 10cm (L) × 5cm (W) × 3.8cm (H)