Mega Water Cannon
Mega Water Cannon

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Mega Water Cannon

Become king of the water fight!

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Victim of my own success.

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Product Description

"King of the Lawn" with Mega Water Cannon!

Now that the first rays of sun have warmed our faces, every fibre in our body is screaming: "We want summer"! Alas, you and your fibres would have been better off buying a little house in Aruba! The chances of seeing the sun over here is about as slim as the chance of breaking your leg in a supermarket.

But if and when the sun finally does surprise us with a visit, we all scurry outdoors as fast as we can. Of course, there's nothing better than soaking up some essential vitamin D during a fun barbecue while getting to compete with your kids in a big old-fashioned water fight involving water pistols and water balloons. However, it's very frustrating (and not very manly) if you're the only one who has to taste defeat. Admittedly, a 5 to 1 fight was never 100% fair (until now)!

Our Mega Water cannon will immediately make you a black belt in the martial arts of water. Children will run away from you crying and any women watching you will instantaneously be left breathless.

This macho Mega Water cannon can be attached to a tripod and has a shooting distance of 12 meters. In addition, the Mega Water cannon can be connected to a tap to make sure you are never out of ammo. So now all you have to worry about is making sure your little rascals don't try to turn off the tap!
Your revenge will be sweet and wet!

Your revenge will be sweet and wet!


  • Connects to water tap (indoors and outdoors)
  • Shooting distance up to 12 metres
  • Can be attached to tripod
  • Tripod height is adjustable
  • Packaging contains: Water cannon, tripod

Dimensions: 62cm (L) × 14cm (W) × 10cm (H)