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Party Drinking Game Golf


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Mini-golf has never been this exciting!

Mini-golf and a drinking game? Yes, you heard it right! Now you can perfectly combine the two. To play the mini-golf drinking game, you not only need to use your golfing skills, but also your drinking skills.

The drinking game consists of a small golf course with all the necessary golf obstacles; clay, a pond and hills. And six, coloured shot glasses are included. Your talent for golf will determine who has to empty these cute, what vicious little glasses and how many.

We will explain the rules for the laymen among you!! Are you able to hit a hole-in-one like a real Tiger Woods? Then everyone must raise a glass to your success. With two shots, you still are one of the more talented golfers and you get to choose someone who has to empty a glass.

Over three strokes puts you at a disadvantage. You must drink half a shot. With four strokes or more you have to drink the whole glass.

We would drink too, if we were so bad at golf...

More Info

  • Party Drinking Game Mini Golf
  • Green playing board that looks like a real golf course, with sand and pond
  • 2 golf clubs and 2 golf balls
  • Six coloured shot glasses
  • Drink with moderation
  • Your ball will come back by itself
  • For 2-6 players