Periodic Table Shower Curtain
Periodic Table Shower Curtain
Periodic Table Shower Curtain
Periodic Table Shower Curtain
Periodic Table Shower Curtain

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Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Wash and scrub up a bit of knowledge!

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Product Description

The perfect "element" to give your bathroom an actual geek-over!

Are you in urgent need of tutoring in chemistry, but are short on time? Practise the elements from the famous Table of Mendeljev while taking a lovely warm shower. Perhaps you're wondering why someone would voluntarily want to learn some chemistry? That is just as much a mystery as the question why people sing in the shower, or practise other strange, hygienic habits.

The Semi-transparent periodic Table Shower Curtain is made of high-quality, -100% hand-screened EVA (for those who have already taken a look at the table: Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). Once you've hung up this shower curtain, all your previous shower curtains will seem as interesting as the foam that you rinse out of your hair. As a matter of fact, with all the time you're already spending in the bathroom you might as well brush up on the transition elements. Or would you rather repeat the electron shells and transuranic elements?

Train those brain cells with some steaming hot water and a 180cm high periodic system. This is the perfect gift for nerds and bright minds! Don't wait until you're wetter and dumber, order it now, wash and learn!

Does this shower curtain look familiar? That's because Leonard and Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" already have this chemical showpiece in their bathroom! When they take a shower with this shower curtain they feel entirely in their element.


  • With holes to hang up your shower curtain straight away
  • The shower curtain is made of 70% EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and 30% PE (polyethylene), an environment-friendly alternative for PVC
  • As seen in "The Big Bang Theory"
  • Winner of "the Creative Child 2009 Kids Product of the Year Award"!

Dimensions: 180cm (L) × 180cm (W)