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Piggy Wiggy - Microwave Bacon

Ready-made and crispy!

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What could be better than frying up some crispy bacon on the BBQ? Any bacon lover who can't wait for summer to arrive can now turn to this microwave variety. At a first glance, the Piggy Wiggy might look like a lunch box, but we should really call it a "bacon box". The grill on the bottom will fit 5 slices of bacon. The lid - which prevents any fat from spattering - can be lifted by the pig snout. Just make sure to wear oven mitts. So turn on that microwave and enjoy!

More Info

  • Fit up to 5 strips of bacon on the grid, put the cover over it and fry your bacon in the microwave. Presto! Perfect, crispy bacon in a jiffy!
  • The cooking time depends on the type of microwave that you use and of course on your own culinary preferences. So fine-tune the microwaving until you've found your own perfect settings.
  • Naturally, the Piggy Wiggy isn't limited to conjuring up super-crispy slices. If you prefer your bacon to be a bit on the softer side, just shorten the cooking time.
  • Do not stack slices on top of one another. You're better off preparing the bacon in batches.
  • Please note that the Piggy Wiggy becomes hot when used. Let it cool off in the microwave for a few minutes and take it out using oven mitts.
  • The lid prevents the bacon from spattering all over your microwave.
  • The excess fat is collected in the bottom of the Piggy Wiggy, making your bacon just that little bit healthier.
  • Dishwasher safe
Dimensions: 26.5cm(L) × 22cm(W) × 4cm(H)