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Reserved Towel

Seat occupied, not reserved!

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He who reserves his seat, has learned the rules of the all-in holiday!

We have all learned it the hard way; if you're staying at a hotel where there are many guests but only a few chairs around the pool, a formula 1 race will take place between tourists in the morning. Starting at 5 in the morning you will see the first people arriving at the pool to place their towel on a chair and then return to bed until noon. And even if you make the effort to take part in this race, there's still a chance that you'll find your towel on the floor next to a bed after your breakfast.

By using the Reserved Towel you can let your fellow hotel guests know that your reservation is for real. Nobody will dare to mess with you thanks to the explicit message on this towel. The first person who dares to touch the towel won't be able to say it wasn't clear to him why your towel was placed on the chair. Roll the Reserved Towel up like a whip and let the perpetrator feel your painful revenge. You can even let your favourite beach babe know that this seat is taken, unless of course she is willing to share it!

He who doesn't use this towel to reserve a chair, will soon be taught a lesson!

More Info

  • The only towel allowed for reserving a sun lounger
  • Colour: black background with white letters
  • 100% cotton
  • Weight: 400 grams
Dimensions: 152cm(L) × 76cm(W)