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Snore Stopper

Help to rid the world of snoring, one snorer at a time!

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Tackle your bed partner's snoring head-on and reclaim your night!

Does your bedroom sound like the runway of an airport every night? Are you waiting for the walls to crumble one day because of the sound waves your partner produces? Does your husband saw so much wood every night that he should take blame for deforestation of the rain forest?

Then you've probably tried all kinds of household recipes to end this annoying and sleep-depriving issue. Stop putting sugar cubes in your partner's mouth and leave those unhealthy pills in the medicine cabinet. We have a better solution for you!

Teach your partner a lesson with the Snore Stopper! This great anti-snoring gadget simply consists of a boxing glove on a wooden stick. When you hear the slightest fraction of a sound coming from the other side of the bed, you can punch your partner in the ribs with the Snore Stopper. Then quickly turn around and pretend to be asleep. Violent? Not at all, this is a necessary measure since sleep is essential to good health!

Wanna bet it works??

With the Snore Stopper, they will snore no more!

More Info

  • The medication-free snore solution
  • Boxing glove on a stick
  • Materials: wood and imitation leather
  • Colour options: natural wood with EITHER red OR black
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
  • Weight: 100 grams
Dimensions: 35cm(L) × 12cm(W) × 9cm(H)