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Spin The Shot Drinking Game

Spin yourself totally drunk!

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Drinking Games are always fun, and this original version to the famous Spin The Bottle is no exception. The concept is simple. Fill the shot glass with the alcoholic beverage of your choice. Then spin the arrow to point out the next victim. Or the next winner. It all depends on how you look at it. Is the arrow pointing at you? In that case, you may/must drink!

“The Spin the Shot” drinking game includes a dial and a shot glass. You only have to bring the alcoholic beverage to fill it. Guaranteed to turn a boring evening into a fun and pleasurable evening in no time.

More Info

  • Drinking game with shot glass and dial
  • Is the arrow pointing at you? If so, you have to drink
  • Great fun to play before an evening out
  • Colour: silver with red
  • Contents shot glass: 4.5 cl
Dimensions: 9cm(L) × 5cm(W) × 10.5cm(H)