• Trojan Night Light
  • Trojan Night Light
  • Trojan Night Light
  • Trojan Night Light
  • Trojan Night Light

Trojan Night Light

Invade Slumberland with the Trojan Night Light

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Victim of my own success.

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Product Description

Invade Slumberland with the Trojan night light

Falling asleep can be hard when you keep going over the events of the day: John's birthday party, Freddy, the frog that you left as a surprise for mommy in her car, and don't forget the magic marker manicure you gave the cat. Every night, there are so many adventures to relive and mischief to plan for the next day...

With the Trojan night light, your thought and aspirations will smoothly gallop towards the dream realm. Give the night light a little push, and it will gently rock you to sleep. Nothing will disturb your night's rest with this horse (except perhaps the howling of the cat, who suddenly decides he doesn't like his manicure after all)!

Trojan night light comes in three soothing colours: pink, green and white. The lamp is fitted with a dimmer to fully attune the light to your nighttime activities, so you'll only need one lamp to read your favourite book and to fall asleep with.

Slumberland, hold your horses!


  • Night light in the shape of a Trojan Rocking Horse
  • Happily rocks on your nightstand
  • Luxury edition with dimmer
  • Available colours: pink, green and white
  • Materials: environmentally friendly ABS plastic for the surface, with Grade weave lampshade
  • Includes light bulb
  • Rated voltage: 220V ~ 50Hz
  • Weight: 840 gr
  • Length wire: 1.5 m

Dimensions: 37.8cm (L) × 20cm (W) × 29.7cm (H)