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Vino Vault Wine Puzzle

You have never cracked a bottle of wine open like this!

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If you like solving puzzles, be prepared for a very sweet reward. This letter lock will allow you to safely store a good bottle of wine. Because only with the right combination - a five letter word that you can set - will lead to the filling of the glasses.

Making it the perfect way to turn a cliché gift into a very original one. Deliver the bottle, together with a tip to solve the mystery. Or maybe just go through all 11 million options? After all, wine only gets better with age doesn’t it...

More Info

  • Puzzle to store a bottle of wine in
  • You need to crack the code before you can enjoy your bottle of wine
  • The code can be set for any word of 5 letters from A to Z (approx. 11 million options)
  • Can be used repeatedly and you can change the code time and time again
  • Made of strong plastic
  • Fits on most standard 750 ml bottles
  • Maximum size of the bottle: 8.25 cm in diameter & 29.8 cm in height
  • Weight approx. 335 grams
  • Bottle not included
Dimensions: 11.5cm(W) × 31cm(H)