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Waboba Ball Extreme

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Forget frisbees and boycott beach balls!

The Waboba Ball guarantees fun in the sun whether you're at the beach or at the pool. Just throw the Waboba Ball onto the water and watch this ingenious, little ball bounce on the surface. Add a few good friends into the mix and you've got everything you need for a great time!

You don't need any additional materials to play. All you need is the Waboba Ball itself, water (knee-high or deeper) and someone to pass to. Learning how to play is easy but mastering the game is a challenge. This is why the makers have put together some ground rules.

Try to create teams consisting of at least 3 players. Get into the water. Knee-high is best. The first team needs to try and pass the ball between themselves making sure it bounces at least once on the water. The team will score 1 point if they manage to pass the ball at least once to each player. The other teams need to try and 'steal' the ball. Once the ball has been stolen, the opposing team will try to score a point the same way. The first team to score 3 points wins.

Naturally, you can make-up your own games too.

Why not try to break the record set in 2009: An amazing 22 bounces!

More Info

  • 1x Waboba Ball Extreme (random colour)
  • Material: Polyurethane and Lycra
  • Suitable for children aged 3 and over
  • Can only be used on water surfaces
  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Weight: 98 gram
  • Improved Waboba
  • 20% quicker than the regular Waboba (ideal for older children or adults)
  • This ball is best suited for areas with plenty of space
Tips & tricks:
  • Throw the ball with a sideways movement so that it bounces properly (try to throw it like you would skim a stone
  • Use an overhand throw if you would like the ball to bounce higher
  • Bounce the Waboba against the crest of a wave and achieve heights of up to 15 feet
  • The Waboba does not bounce like a tennis ball. So we recommend you don't throw it using a downward motion
  • The harder you throw the ball, the further it will go and the higher it will bounce! Girly throws are not allowed!