Cryptex USB Stick

The Da Vinci Digit Code

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Product Description

Fall back on the tried and tested method to protect your data and use a combination lock. You can connect this Cryptex USB-stick either by USB or micro-USB. It's a handy gadget that you can take wherever you go, with the safe five digit encryption giving you that extra bit of piece of mind. Because with 100.000 possible combinations, cracking the code would be a very time-consuming affair indeed.

The USB-stick is compatible with pc, but thanks to the micro-USB port also with Windows and Android smartphones and tablets. The total data capacity is 16 GB. That makes it a practical and original gift for students, professionals and gadget freaks !


  • USB-stick with cryptex combination lock
  • Secure your data in the old-fashioned way
  • Choose your own 5 digit code
  • Data capacity: 32 GB
  • Connect via USB 3.0 or micro-USB 3.0
  • Portable gadget with keyring and easy-carry strap
  • Original code can be found on the front of the manual
  • Compatible with Android/Windows smartphones and tablets (with OTG function), pc

Dimensions: 7.5cm (L) × 3cm (W) × 3cm (H)