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Drinking Glasses

Drink like a geek!

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Who says that geeks are only interested in Algebra and science?

We'll let you in on a little secret: they're just like us. They also like get out there. But, while we enjoy LED parties, they prefer LAN ones. And, they also like to have a drink or two although they do it GEEK style! They have developed the following gadget to keep their reputations as geeks intact:

The Nerd Drinking glasses are glasses made from a long, flexible straw. Just put them on, and put the short end in your mouth and the long one in your drink. The way in which the drink swirls though the glasses with every sip is amazing!

Just make sure you don't get dizzy! The consequences of drinking whilst wearing these glasses and your grip on what you can handle are closely intertwined!

The ideal drinking gadget for children and adults who want to look a bit more intelligent!

More Info

  • Material: plastic
  • Comes in one of the following colours: pink, blue and clear
Dimensions: 127cm(L)