Hasta la vista, annoying fly!

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Product Description

Grab your gun and fire at will at flies and other air scum!

Do you also hate those filthy flies that consider your lunch the best place to take a little break? You should! Did you know that they have the disgusting habit of doing their business and throwing up in your delicious food? Have them wetting their pants by fear using this revolutionary Fly-goodbye.

The next six-legged freak that lands on your sandwich won't live to tell the tale. Grab your Fly-goodbye gun, insert a catching shell and load it up. As a trained hunter, you will stalk your prey and get the gun as close to it as you can. Once the fly is within range, take a deep breath and pull the trigger. When the fly is sucked into the shell, you'll hear a loud "PLOP." As a genuine collector, you can put the shell under the magnifying glass to see what feral fly species you caught today. While studying the completely disoriented fly, you can only think of one thing: the face of your least favourite colleague when you release the fly in their office!
The Fly-goodbye is the perfect way to teach pesky insects an unforgettable lesson. The first thing you'll notice is its perfect grip. Your predator instinct will kick in on first use!

How does the Fly-goodbye work? The Fly-goodbye does a simple but very effective thing: it sucks...hard. It uses a powerful inward airflow, while the catching capsule simultaneously moves about 1.5 cm forward. This action temporarily knocks the fly out. This gives you enough time to put it under the magnifying glass.

Every capsule is also equipped with a patented fly-gate, which basically means that the fly can ENTER the capsule, but not EXIT it! This way, you can civilly release the fly in the garden (if you feel like it).

With the Fly-goodbye, no fly will be safe from your marksmanship skills!


  • Get rid of flies and other pesky bugs
  • Please note: if the fly is larger than the catching tube, please run for your life
  • Push the catching tube completely into the suction cylinder ONCE and remove it completely to load the Fly-goodbye
  • Requires no batteries
  • Material: high-quality plastic
  • Not suitable for children under 5 years of age
  • Do not aim at the face
  • Do not aim at fragile objects, such as porcelain vases
The Fly-goodbye contains the following:
  • Hand grip shaped like a gun
  • 1 suction cylinder
  • 3 catch & release cartridges with fly-gate
  • 1 magnifying glass
How does the Fly-goodbye work?
  • Load the Fly-goodbye by pushing the catching tube into the suction cylinder and removing it completely
  • Aim the Fly-goodbye at your target and slowly approach it to 1-3 cm
  • When you pull the trigger, the catching tube will jump forward 1.5 cm. At the same time, the gun will create a strong vacuum in the suction cylinder and catching tube
  • The fly doesn't stand a chance against the strong suction, which is reinforced by the quick protrusion of the catching tube
  • The fly is sucked into the catching tube and through the catching tube's fly-gate. There is no way the fly can crawl into the internal mechanism
What happens when you use the catching shells with fly-gate?
  • The fly is caught behind the patented fly-gate in the catching tube
  • The fly hunter can now replace the fly-gate with the magnifying glass to gaze upon his prey
  • The prey can then be released, if you like

Dimensions: 27cm (L) × 11.4cm (W) × 5.7cm (H)