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Inflatable Pegasus

Ride the waves on golden wings!

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In Greek mythology, Pegasus was the flying horse of the gods. But here, we're really talking about heavenly relaxation. Who doesn't want to bob along on the back of the best beach gadget in our collection, this extra-large inflatable Pegasus?

And you don't even need to visit the azure coasts of a Greek isle. This giant flying seahorse is happy to spread its wings at any other summer destination. And if you want all eyes at a pool party to be on you, his golden manes and wings will definitely make you hard to miss!

More Info

  • Giant inflatable flying horse
  • Golden wings, manes and tail
  • Fits 2 adults
  • Grips on both sides of the neck
  • Perfect for in pools or on the beach
  • Inflate with electric pump, at 0.03 bar, or use a cold-air hair dryer
  • Thanks to the special valves, the Pegasus will deflate within 3 minutes
  • Materials: made from sturdy, environmentally friendly vinyl
  • Weight: 3.39 kg
Dimensions: 250cm(L) × 250cm(W) × 130cm(H)