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Inflatable Watermelon

The ultimate pool refresher!

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Our personal tip for a hot summer day? Kicking back with a huge slice of watermelon. No, not the edible version: the inflatable pool toy version! This also answers the question what the difference is between the two. It's simple: this one floats!

This giant piece of watermelon will let you bob along during any pool party, beach outing or - if you use your imagination - in an enormous bowl of fruit punch.

More Info

  • Giant inflatable watermelon slice
  • Perfect for the beach or the pool
  • Can be inflated with electric pump, at 0.03 bar or using a cold-air hair dryer
  • Materials: tough, environmentally-friendly vinyl
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
Dimensions: 185cm(L) × 79cm(W) × 18cm(H)