Key Rock Safe

Key Rock Safe

A rock solid hiding place!

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Product Description

Hide your spare key in a safe place!

Are you familiar with the following dramatic scenarios? You come home after a hard night out just longing for your bed...but you've lost your key. You come home after a long day at work, but realise your key is still lying on your desk. You're working in the garden when the door blows shut and you realise you didn't bring a key out with you.

So what do you do then? Call your parents who live an hour away? Wake up your neighbours in the middle of the night to ask for your spare key? Call the police to break into your own house? All great solutions, but wouldn't it be better if you could keep your spare key around your house? A classic way would be to hide under your doormat. Unfortunately that would be inviting burglars to empty your house.

The Key Rock Safe will put an end to all these disastrous scenarios and solutions!

Now you can keep your spare key safely in the Key Rock! This rock looks just like any other rock and won't stand out in your garden or driveway. Moreover, it's big enough to hold multiple keys. Thanks to this brilliant invention nobody will discover where you keep your spare key.

And what's more important: you won't ever be left out in the cold again!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Looks like a regular rock

Dimensions: 10cm (L) × 7cm (W) × 12cm (H)