Lightning Reaction Reloaded
Lightning Reaction Reloaded
Lightning Reaction Reloaded

Lightning Reaction Reloaded

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Product Description

Test your nerves, reaction time and skills in Shocking Funs' latest shocking game: Lightning Shocking Revenge.

Press on the button in the middle to start the game. The last player to press the button after the sounds stops and the light switches from green to red will receive an electric shock. Each attempt at cheating by pressing the button before the right time will result in a painful and shocking punishment.

An amazing and addictive game for 2 - 4 players.

Lightning Reaction Revenge includes 3 games:
- Lightning Reaction - The slowest person receives an electric shock.
- Lightning Reaction Extreme - The fastest person is the only one to escape punishment.
- Lightning Reaction Reloaded - You choose who receives a shock and who doesn't. This time its personal!


  • Dimensions base 13 cm (Ø) x 3 cm
  • Dimensions handles 11 x 2 x 2 cm
  • Two game modes: Lightning reaction (The slowest player receives an electric shock) and Lightning reaction extreme (Everyone but the fastest player receives an electric shock)
  • Two shock levels - high and low
  • Comes with 4 handles with connecting wires and a base with suction cups
  • Needs 3 x AAA batteries
  • Not suitable for children (or the faint hearted)
  • Warning!! Please note that this product can give users an electric shock. It is not suitable for children or people with epilepsy/heart problems/pacemakers. We also do not recommend you use this product near water. Use this product at your own risk