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Like & Dislike Stamps

Print your stamp on everything, like a true Facebook fan!

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Would you like to have a "Like" and "Dislike" button in your day to day life just like Facebook has? No more endless declarations if someone asks you for your opinion: you like it or you dislike it. Nice 'n short, simple and efficient!

Why not reverse the roles for a change? Now we can bring our digital life to our real life for a change instead of the other way around. May we introduce to you the Like & Dislike stamps? From now on you can let your opinion be heard in the offline world.

The Like stamp is perfect for tickets to your favourite band, or a packet of your favourite cookies. But thanks to these stamps you'll also have a Dislike option: for low grades, parking tickets and tax bills.

The stamps are self-inking and contain enough ink for over 5000 opinions, so no opinion has to go left unsaid. The No. 1 gadget for the interactive Facebook generation: see, find & stamp away!

More Info

  • Facebook stamps: a "like" and "dislike" stamp
  • A fun and original way to express your opinion
  • Self inks up to 5000 stamps
Dimensions: 6.4cm(L) × 3.2cm(W) × 7.6cm(H)