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Mikro Konfetti (6-pack)

Turn every party into a festival of colours

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Originally it was supposed to be a Hindu tradition that took place at the onset of spring. People painted themselves in the brightest of colours to imitate the colours of the awakening nature. This tradition spread all the way to Europa, especially to spice up parties and festivals. Youngsters paint their faces in several colours or throw the painting powder at other festivalgoers. This usually results in one huge colourful party.

The difference with the traditional painting powder from India or Nepal (holi powder) is that Mikro Konfetti isn't harmful to inhale, it causes no allergic responses and has passed every safety and health test imposed by Europe. For that reason it isn't being sold under the name of holi powder, but under the alternative name of Mikro Konfetti.

More Info

  • Fully certified according to European legislation
  • 100% Organic Made in Germany
  • Does not contain hazardous preservatives or dyes (such as E102: tartrazine)
  • Not harmful for the airways, safe for skin and hair
  • Biologically decomposable
  • Non-explosive
  • Dissolves in water
  • Easily removable from clothes, but watch out for white clothes.
  • Contains 6 different Holi colours (blue, yellow, orange, pink, green, violet) each 75 grams