Penis Ring Toss

If you like it, put a ring on it!

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Product Description

A hens party will surely fall flat, unless you're wearing a willy as a hat. As soon as you find two volunteers to model the penis headbands, you and your friends will probably be rolling on the floor laughing. Which won't help with the eye-hand-dick coordination when trying to throw the rings on the pink floppy poles.

You can even make it into a drinking game. For every ring that hits its mark, another drink. These plastic penises will provide hours of fun during bachelorette parties, student get-togethers, informal company events and birthday parties!


  • Hilarious party game for bachelorette parties
  • Variation on the classic ring toss, with original pink poles
The package contains:
  • Two elastic headbands with plastic penises
  • Variously coloured rings for tossing (off)